Tribute to our Inventors

Bike to slide down the snowy slopes

Father of four children, while watching his shed filled with bikes and snowboards he had the brilliant idea to put the bikes on the boards. Using fasteners specially designed for this purpose, he found an easy and safe way to finally hit the slopes while having fun with his children.

Serge Ferron - Shannon


Shelter for the winter storage of boats and recreational vehicles

In 2002, Robert Richard had the brilliant idea to replace the traditional shelter made of wood with a sturdy frame, easy to mount and made of reusable materials. Therefore, Mr. Richard and Pierre Beaudoin, friend and neighbor cottage, beg ripen the idea and decided to remedy the situation. Then the start of a great adventure for these two entrepreneurs. Already retired for a few years, they had time to undertake such a project. "Our motivation was also to leave our children a part of the experience throughout our careers".

Robert Richard et Pierre Beaudoin - St-Hyppolite


Mechanism for driving the boys to shoot straight down the toilet.

I was going to attend a course on internet in marketing in Virginia, USA. For this course, we would need a product to work or practice with and I could not find anything. I was not in business, I was a mother with five young children at home, and I was looking for some time a product that I would create on my own and of course would bring me some money.

Louise Giard - St-Jean-sur-Richelieu


Brushes specially designed for cleaning motorcycles

As is the case for most motorcycle enthusiasts, Luc has a passion for this sport and he regularly spends hours and hours cleaning his toy. But to clean this type of vehicle is not easy, because there are many hard places to reach.

Luc Pellerin - St-Eustache


Hygienic lip protector with a clasp for cans beverages

Roger Bonin has worked in the field of sales and marketing, and retired in 2008. His invention is a simple and ingenious device that allows users to drink directly from the can, comfortably, while protecting contaminants that could be around the opening In addition, the Sip-On, the name of his trademark, covers the sharp edges of the opening to protect the lips of young and old when drinking directly from the can.

Roger Bonin - Valleyfield


Method for filtering unwanted emails

I do not know of any Internet user who don't grumbles in front of the ton of junk mail they receives. Jean-Louis Vill is no exception to the rule. Except that one day he decided to solve his problem and those of others. But how did he come to find that solution that everyone seeks in vain? Let Jean-Louis explain the solution.

Jean-Louis Vill - Québec


Multifunctional folding wheelbarrow

Benoit Lalande is the godfather of a little boy named Gabriel. A few months after his birth, a genetic disease leads to several major health problems with substantial physical and intellectual disabilities. Benoit is able to observe the difficulties that this causes parents: fatigue, stress, etc. and is constantly looking for ways to lighten their burden.

Benoit Lalande - Montréal


Template for making culverts

They say necessity is the mother of invention. This statement takes all its sense in the case of Errol Sheehy because he himself needs culverts on his property he has developed this tool that is used to make wooden culverts.

Errol Sheehy - Jonquière


The decorative brick which cut the exacto

Marcel Bergevin is what you call an inventor-entrepreneur at heart, that is to say, he does not only invent, he also sells his invention, and he knew perfectly how to market it product since he was a contractor in the field of construction.

Marcel Bergevin - Repentigny


Robotic spruce tree-cutter

Michel Paquette owns a fleet of school buses in Trois-Rivières. How he was able to come to invent a robotic-size tree?

Michel Paquette - Trois-Rivières


Folding retractable axle trailer

Rene has been a horse trainer for the past fifteen years. A big fan of rodeos, he have two participations at the Canada Cup 2007 and 2008 editions of the Western Festival in St-Tite. It could be the reason that led him to invent a foldable trailer?

René Bernard - St-Lin-des-Laurentides


Safety harness for steel structure workers

Iron erector himself, Paul-Emile Fortin was able to observe the problems related to transport, the necessary tools and accessories needed in is line of work. The originality of his harness is the addition of protective materials that reduce the burden of these workers, improving their quality of life in the exercise of their functions. This harness is unique, helps reduce accidents harnesses commonly used in this area and poorly adapted to the specific work of these skilled employees.

Paul-Émile Fortin - Saint-Fabien-de-Rimouski


Transformable Lunch box in a placemat

Caroline and Denis Lebel are brother and sister and always like to share the results of their cogitations. These small exchange are sometimes successful since they have already exceed some interesting inventions.

Caroline Lebel - Laval & Denis Lebel - Mascouche


The Fruit-O-Gume Game

Making children eat five servings of fruits and vegetables every day, that's a real challenge for parents. It is also to help kids to meet this challenge in 2007, as part of a graduation project in the international program school in Rochebelle, Virginia Kelly created the game Fruit "O" Gume. A game to encourage young kids to eat better.

Virginie Kelly - Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures


Shoe dryer and stretcher

Of Russian origin, Marko and Lev Shtyn are not only brothers in life and partners in business but they are also the best of friends and two inventors at heart. Both very involved in various sports, including soccer, they realized how the sneakers were rapidly losing their shape and comfort due to water and moisture. These shoes are expensive and poor maintenance greatly reduces their lifespan.

Marko & Lev Shtyn : Vancouver, B.C.


Interactive Dog Bowl

Kathleen Desrosiers animal health technician and specialist in canine psychology. So she had all the tools in hand to have this great idea for an interactive dog bowl According to her, many animals develop behavioral problems when they are bored. Its bowl has several compartments equipped with small sliding doors.

Kathleen Desrosiers : Mascouche


Formwork for reinforced concrete frame

It was a great honor for us in 2004, that both professionals and seasoned entrepreneurs choose Inventorium to file and managing their Canadian and United States Patents. Philippe Durand and Françoise Dauron are not only business partners, they also are a couple in life and complement each other perfectly in every sense of the word.

Françoise Dauron & Philippe Durand, ing. - Vaux Sur Seine, France


Fork for manipulating hay bales

They say necessity is the mother of invention, it still is evidence with Jacques Messier. But we can also add that it is also for economic reasons. When he bought his farm he wanted to make small bales of hay, Jacques thought that it was too much work doing it by hand. After a year of reflection he thought of the example of the pick-propelled bullets, it gave him an idea to create a fork which can pick up 27 small bales of hay at the same time and would not move. So he could do many hay bales at once without resorting outside labor.

Jacques Messier - Ritchance, Ontario


Tool for cleaning automobile headlights

One day Lyne Bourbeau started to think about inventing of something that one day that she would make a fortune.A few years later, it is by pure chance that she was attracted to the purchase the book "A good idea is worth a fortune," Daniel Paquette, who by his own testimonial, has filled his desire for success and discovery.

Lyne Bourbeau : St-Denis-de-Brompton


Large-scale production of molds cupcakes

The best inventions are often created when we faced a problem. But in the case of Rony Augis it was his sister who had a problem.

Rony Augis - Paris, France


The whistle-bottle

Had to be thought! That is exactly what Antoine Bécotte did when the idea came to him to invent a bottle that would allow sports fans to show their joy ..... or dissatisfaction.

Antoine Bécotte - Montréal



To put it mildly, Rhonda Genest is not only an inventor but also an entrepreneur at heart. It was in the summer of 2003, while working in her garden on a beautiful summer afternoon that the idea of a weeder came to her.

Rhonda Genest - Varennes


The game « Fishing Party»

As you can see, Samuel Garnier Létourneau is a soldier in the Canadian Army and when the photo was taken in 2011, he was in a mission and deployed to Afghanistan. One might think that Samuel created a new war game as it already exist in several store shelves. But no, his game is rather about his favorite hobby, fishing.

Samuel Garnier Létourneau - Ste-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier


Furniture assembly modules

Like all the carpenters, it happens regularly to Yvon having to assemble furniture and modules. The problem is that very often he needs help to hold the parts to be assembled. Labor is expensive and is not always available when it is really necessary.

Yvon Renaud : Montréal


A restraint system for vehicle

Unlike the vast majority of inventors who sell the rights to the use of their patents and continue to work in their field, Albert Chartier lives of his many inventions.

Albert Chartier - Chertsey


Guitar strings music networks

Claude Gauthier is a professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Moncton in New Brunswick. The idea behind this new musical instrument comes from a study he conducted on a new number system. Mathematics were used to optimize the acoustic characteristics of the instrument.

Claude Gauthier - Dieppe, Nouveau-Brunswick


The super swing VIROMAX

This adventure began in 1987 when Jacques and Jocelyn Richer brothers still lived with their parents. Young adults, Jacques and Jocelyn, watched on television showing music videos exercisers US Army and the Russian Army. It was at that moment that the idea of genius illuminates their brains to invent.

Jocelyn Richer & Jacques Richer - St-Jérôme


Magnetic amplifier

Like most inventors, Guillaume Marquis started very young to be creative. At the time of primary school, he and his buddies regularly gave such challenges as making tennis ball cannons with soft drink cans for example. Even at the age of 8 or 9 years old, he and his group turned back on an old vehicle of the Second World War they had discovered in a barn.

Guillaume Marquis - Montréal


Management services system for catering

A few years ago the owner of the Piazzetta in Chicoutimi, Bruno Gagnon, a notary by profession, wanted to simply improve the whole process that leads to customer experiment. From the cooks to the customers through the waiters. The system allows, among other things, to calculate the waiter's time to response at every stage of the services and even to have an evaluation of the customer easily. Gathered information naturally available for property owners and / or franchisors.

Bruno Gagnon - Saguenay


Double action rake

On a beautiful day, April 13, 2004, the anniversary of her daughter, Manon Bélanger was about to pick up the debris left by winter around the hedges. As is often the case, most of the debris were stuck in the central part of the hedge.

Manon Bélanger - St-Jérôme


Hitched grooming device for winter trails

Luc Dufort and Pascal Martin have many years of experience in the surfacing footpaths, snowmobiles and ATVs. They put their ideas together to develop the surfacer best suited to the conditions of the most difficult paths to maintain the growing traffic, top performing vehicles and the increasing demands on the quality of trails.

Luc Dufort & Pascal Martin: St-Lin-des-Laurentides


System to train a cat to use a conventional toilet

Denis Bérubé has developed an original process that can lead cats to use a conventional toilet. A first version of this brilliant idea was a great success in the early 2000. But Denis has continuously improved its product to make it even more discreet.

Denis Bérubé - Laval


Mechanism for sealing garage door

Jacques Lussier is a truck driver, he makes regular deliveries in warehouses. He realised that garage doors were not closing properly and let in a lot of cold air. The result is that extra heating systems are needed to ensure comfort VOR workers loading and unloading trucks.

Jacques Lussier - Québec


Device to facilitate the use of a portable vacuum shredder

As is the case for several inventors, it was because he was not satisfied with the products available on the market that Leo Tardif invented this ingenious system that facilitates the use of a portable vacuum.

Léo Tardif - Repentigny


Improved humane trap for animals

A native of Mont-Laurier, Aurele Ouellette was an exceptional "patentee" which has made everything he wanted, bicycles, skis, snowshoes, etc. He is also a hunter at heart, from the age of 4, he caught several rabbits caught by the collar with his brother.

Aurèle Ouellette - Lac-aux-Écorces


The Game « Memoire Vive »

The idea to amuse people was not new to Guylaine Tremblay, since at age 19 she was already working in a bar, she liked to animate evenings with quizzes, songs and competitions of all kind.

Guylaine Tremblay - Saguenay


Bedsheet retainer clip

Dr. Mustapha El Guermaaï graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Liege in Belgium. He works hard several hours a day so that he and his wife employ of maintenance personnel to look after the house chores. So it is not accustomed to make his bed when he awoke.

Mustapha El Guermaaï - Maroc


Linear pedal bicycle

Since their arrival in the modern world, the bicycle pedals have not much evolved except to add a number of cruising speeds. Basically, the pedal still the principle consists of a rotational movement of the pedal which rotates a first toothed wheel via a chain. Recent developments in technology have given us the elongated bike but they still use the same principle of the rotating pedals.

Stéphane Paquette - Luskville


The Privileges of Isabelle

This system came to my mind when my partner and I moved together with our 4 children. To facilitate our task, an idea came to me to establish a routine for children including a discipline and rules to follow while rewarding them for their efforts. In order for this routine to be reassuring and rewarding and fun, I created a charts arrays of magnetic privileges, tailored to each of them and that would reward them for their efforts.

Isabelle Gagnon - Gatineau -


Gravitational energy producing apparatus

It all began in 1999 Antal Meneïde, originally from Haiti and permanently resident in Canada since 1977, while studying at the University of Ottawa in order to become a teacher. During his internship at Curé Labrosse School St. Eugene while giving classes in science and technology Grade 3 student, he was able to see how his students loved science and were attentive to his demonstrations and experiments. And especially the day he showed them different effects produced by magnets and electromagnets.

Antal Meneïde - Montréal


Hitch attached extension for over sized cargo

Like many inventors from a young age, Denis Durand was using whatever came into his hands to make what he needed, Go Karts, soap boxes, bicycles, etc. He still clearly recalls his parents' faces when they saw him come home from school with everything he could find good in garbage cans in the neighborhood. For him, the old lawn mowers and televisions were abandoned as manna from heaven. Materials quite free with which he could indulge his imagination to give them a second life. Denis also remembers how his games Lego and Meccano the blocks helped him to develop his imagination.

Denis Durand - Sainte-Ursule


An air control for wood burning appliance

Emmanuel Marcakis founded his company in 1982 and is now a successful businessman. It is not only an entrepreneur but also very accomplished, a person deeply convinced that we must protect the environment for future generations. He could have been content to sell wood heaters that meet established standards, but he decided to go further by inventing a combustion air control device.

Emmanuel Marcakis - Montréal


Strain relief reel for ice fishing

Daniel Blais is a big fan of fishing and especially on the ice that he practiced for several years. He and his companions were very disappointed to lose a few good catches from time to time. Daniel his saying that when the strings of the fishing line freeze, the fish feels the tension by touching the bait and it's enough that he abandons the bait.

Daniel Blais - Lanoraie


Improved lever bar

The best inventions are often created by employees in their workplace, as in the case of Eric Lachance evolving in the field of construction for several years. It was Rosary his father who had the idea of a pry bar best suited to its needs. But as there were none on the market, his son decided to take matters in hand to remedy the situation.

Éric Lachance - Chertsey


Compact beauty station

In 1989, Daniel Boyer received his college degree in industrial design at Cégep du Vieux-Montreal. In 2006, while working in the home renovation, Daniel got the idea for his invention. He noticed how women are installed incorrectly for their session for makeup and hair. Putting his designer talents to test, he began to design a makeup station for personal use is both practical and aesthetic.

Daniel Boyer - Mont-Tremblant


Cutting guide for spinning, circular saw and jigsaw

After reading the short history on Fernand Roy, you easily understand why he was the winner of creativity-engineering, the most coveted prize of our Invention Show- Engineering and Creativity Fair in 2000. But, as often it happens in the world of invention that was totally unexpected that he launched in this area. And when Fernand starts something, he goes all the way.

Fernand Roy - Thetford Mines


The game « La fièvre du football »

Here is an inventor who is well named. Michael Winner specializes in creating games. A subject that interest you, if you want a game that related to football, he's your man. But this is the work of his life, it is the "Football fever" he refine and improved this game for several years. His goal is to gives you the same feeling as if you were part of a real team and you ended up on land in the Super Bowl, for example.

Michel Winner – Montréal


Electromagnetic generator

Stephane Mercier is self-taught in the true sense of the word. To help his parents financially, he had to abandon his studies very early to go to work on a woodlot. Big movie fan, he enjoys watching his favorite movies repeatedly. As he says himself, the more he watches a movie, the more he discovers the backstage. Things you do not notice at first viewing. This is also the way his idea of invention came to him.

Stéphane Mercier - Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu


Electric brake controller

Eric Maisonneuve owns an industrial machinery automation company (robotics) and is developing several devices per year. During his youth, if a device was missing in the house, it was stronger than him, he felt the need to find à solution. He had that gift to analyze and solve the problem even if he didn't have the knowledge in the field then.

Éric Maisonneuve - St-Amable


The labyrinth of Imagination

During my career as an inventor, I have met brilliant people; I don’t have enough pages in this book to list them all. But Florent Veilleux occupies a special place in my heart. For all those I have well known is the one who combines the most imagination and knowledge. His work is colossal.

Florent Veilleux – Montréal


Lever system for snow blower

The least we can say is that this invention is a family affair. Those of Nelson and Steeve Dupont brothers which started in 2006 when Nelson had the idea to install a hydraulic system to raise the blower installed on his tractor. Must say that the area of snow removal has no secrets for him since he practice this profession for several years, just like his brother Steeve.

Nelson et Steeve Dupont - Rimouski


Adding spring wiper arm vehicles

Since his teens, Jean practiced assiduously downhill skiing. He loved especially skiing in fresh snow. He loved the sensation of floating which gave him the sensation of flying freely. He thought it was exhilarating.

Jean Koch, ing. - Brossard


Opener Hands-Free Screen Door

Is frequently bumping a sliding screen door closed with occupied hands, Pierre, as we all do in such circumstances, was to ask for help, using the knee, elbow or other imaginative methods to open without damaging the screen.

Pierre Paquette - St-Jérôme


The umbrella-belt

Now 40 years old, Mr. Santoro spent his youth in a small village in the Hautes-Alpes in France, called Ventavon where winters can sometimes be severe. The rural world has opened his mind on crafting, to fix and repair, aptitude, art, artistry, cleverness, dexterity, expertise, expertness, ingenuity, the know-how to fix and repair. He then followed law studies which enabled him to obtain a notary certificate and that led him to settle in Marseille, France.

Michaël Santoro - Marseille, France


Air heating unit using solar energy

An air heating unit using solar energy has an inner core further comprised...

Gilles Savard


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Photographic system for use on school buses

A photographic system for use on school buses allowing traffic authorities to ...

Jacques Bédard


Powered tile breaker

A powered tile breaker has an adjustable frame and the frame is...

Richard Tailly